Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What type of payments do you accept?


Our website accepts Shopify Pay, Bitcoin, Major Altcoins of Cryptocurrency, and all major Credit and Debit cards.


Will my card be charged when I order?


All customers are charged when purchase & payment are made successfully.


What type of currency will I be charged?


All orders are processed in USD, AUD, NZD, CAD, GBP and other currencies at the latest currency exchange rate.


Why the currency displayed is different from what is being charged?


We display our prices in your local currency to provide a localized clarity for your convenience. The final payment will be made in USD based on your bank's latest conversion rate.


Can I apply more than one discount code to my order?


Unfortunately, no. As per our Discount Policy, only one discount code can be applied to a single order.


Why is my discount code not applied to my order?


1) Every discount code is unique, there is a specific requirement at times for discount code to be applied.

2) The discount code is only available to be keyed in during the checkout process.


When I place an order what happens next?


Placing an item in your cart and paying for it reserves the service. Immediately an ebook will be available for you to download. Inside the ebook is the address you will ship your laundry and dry cleaning to along with shipping pages to place on the inside of the box when you ship it to us. After you place your order and you shall receive an email confirmation that confirms we have received your order.


Can I remove an item from my cart or wish-list?

Item can be removed at your cart/wish-list before checking out or purchase confirmation.


How to contact you?


Kindly contact us by emailing to contact@laundryhomemaker.com for further inquiries.


How long would it take for me to receive a reply to my inquiries?


Normally, it takes 24 to 48 hours for our customer service team to reply but feel free to send us a follow-up email just in case you haven't heard anything from us.


When will my item's Tracking Number be available?


Tracking Numbers are usually generated within 2-4 business days, and may take up to another 7 days to have updated tracking information depending on the efficiency of our shipping partners. Tracking Numbers will be sent via email to our customers, even before the tracking information is ready.


My Tracking Number's status is showing "Not Found", should I be worried?


No. In some cases, Tracking Numbers could take 3-7 days to have an updated status. Tracking Numbers without updated information is not an indication of idle parcel or inactivity. Most of the time it merely means that the shipping company did not update their system on time, even when packages are shipped within the usual time frame.


How long should I wait for my item to be delivered?


Processing Times


We ship all orders within 1 business day of the laundry order being received. After we wash, dry and fold your laundry it will be shipped out either that day or the next day. However, we often ship the same day during non-holiday seasons such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

All items (domestic or international orders) will take an estimated 7-14 business days to be processed and delivered. LaundryHomemaker.com ships worldwide except Crimea, Cuba, Iran, Kosovo, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.

Kindly also take note that in certain unforeseen cases, such as customs stops that resulted in additional delays, we will not be held liable.

There will also be expected delays to all shipments in a holiday season, due to the heavy volume of shipments that our shipping partners have to handle.

Also, there might be expected delays in most shipments of the affected country/state, due to natural occurrences i.e blizzard, etc.

We are constantly working on improving our operation and shipping procedures with our shipping partners. We sincerely apologize to our customers if any inconvenience caused regarding the shipping time.


 Will my order come in one package?


Different items take different time to be shipped and delivered, due to a variety of factors such as weight, dimension, customs complication, etc.

Therefore to speed things up for our customers, we sometimes ship items in one order out separately. It is perfectly normal to receive certain items of an order partially first, and others later.


Will I be notified of my order's status?


Yes! You will receive a confirmation email after you have placed your order, and another when your order is shipped out.


Is there any exception to my right to a refund?


Yes. Certain items are non-refundable by nature. Once sold, returns will not be accepted. Example of such item is Laundry Services, where we could not re-sell the returned item due to hygiene reasons.


How do I cancel an item(s)/order?


Order contents (such as size, color, or quantity) cannot be changed once the order has been placed. Orders cannot be canceled or changed in any way once they have been submitted.

Shipping information only can be edit within the first 12 hours after you place the order.


 Where does Laundry Homemaker ship from?


All orders are shipped from our fulfillment partner in New York.

What is your address for correspondence? Please do not send packages to this address.

Laundry Homemaker

P.O. Box 252

East Islip, NY 11730


 What address do I ship my laundry to Laundry Homemaker?


Please put your 100 pounds of laundry in up to five heavy duty shipping boxes no larger than 24-36 inches wide. Place your laundry in a plastic bag and inside the box tape a page with your name, address, phone number and order number so that payment can be verified. Any laundry orders received without payment will be discarded. If you purchased your Laundry Homemaker package with Bitcoin or Veem.com ACH payments please say the date and time you ordered this helps us to track your payment. Please put your Bitcoin address you used to send the payment on the sheet as well.


If you are shipping your laundry to us please ship to:

Laundry Homemaker LLC, Attention: Angelique Granville, 380 Sunrise Highway, Patchogue, NY 11772. Please include the phone number 631-294-5329 on your shipping form so that we may be notified by text that your laundry package has arrived.


What address do I tell Laundry Homemaker to ship to?


If you are in The United States and you have a CVS Pharmacy or a Walgreens store in your neighborhood you can opt to have us send your laundry packages there. Receiving your packages at CVS Pharmacy for UPS packages and Walgreens for FEDEX packages prevents patio theft or porch pirates and theft. Just provide us with the address to send your packages to and your phone number to add to the order so that you may be notified when your package arrives. If you are outside The United States you may select to have your order shipped to your home or business whichever is most convenient for you.

What languages do you speak?


LaundryHomemaker.com accepts orders from around the world and speaks English which is the language of commerce. Please make sure that you are using English letters in your shipping address so that it may be easily understood by our staff. This ensures that your laundry returns to your home or business successfully.