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Laundry Homemaker LLC

Laundry Homemaker Laundry Service Homemaking Service for Your Home with Heavy Duty Deep Cleaning, Grocery Shopping Done for You, Utility Housewares, New Appliances, New Furniture, Home Décor, Fashion, Personalized Home Package

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Laundry Homemaker Laundry Service Homemaking Service For Your Home With Heavy Duty Deep Cleaning, Grocery Shopping, Utility Housewares, Home Decor, Fashion, Personalized Home Package

Laundry Homemaker Is Your Go To Global Luxury Laundry Service and Homemaking Service

Proudly Made In The USA

Beautiful Home The Right Way...

The Best Laundry and Homemaking Package For A Clean, Well Stocked Home

Laundry Homemaker Package + FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE

Laundry Service Homemaking Service

Would You Like Clean Laundry, Food Shopping Done For You and New Trendy Items Chosen Just For You?

Then This One's For You!

  • Homemaking Services Without Hiring A Housekeeper

  • Cleans 100 Pounds of Laundry Wash Dry Fold Service

  • Helps Clean Your Home To Keep It Fresh and Tidy
  • Keeps Your Home Well Stocked Too


    • Air Closet for Clean and Sanitized Dry Cleaned Items

    • Anti-Viral Cleaning Products

    • Home Decor – Liven Up Your Space

  • Grocery Shopping – Nourishment For You

  • Laundry Homemaker is a MUST for a clean organized home.

    Use us in your home when you want a professionally cleaned home, grocery shopping done for you and fresh laundry shipped right to your door.

    Laundry Homemaker Laundry Service Homemaking Service with Food Shopping, Home Deep Cleaning

    Family Sized Service

    Perfect For the Modern Family or Busy Professionals

    Naturally Comfortable New Clothing Fashion and Home Décor

    Safe and Robust

    Designed and Manufactured in the USA by Laundry Homemaker

    Classic styling and modern conveniences combine in this Laundry Homemaker laundry service and homemaking service package. Integrated grocery shopping and home cleaning services will make your home an ideal spot to relax. Your service package also includes new clothing and home décor personally shopped for you.

    This laundry and homemaking package is personalized for your family’s needs. With stringent quality control methods 100 pounds of your laundry will be washed, dried, folded and shipped to you anywhere in the world. Ensure your home looks its best by allowing us to deep clean your living space. This laundry and homemaking package is designed to make your home more convenient and will last for weeks to come.


    Material: 100 Pounds of Laundry Washed, Dried, Folded and Shipped to Your Home or Business

    Groceries Delivered To Your Door

    Safe and Robust Deep Cleaning of Your Home

    Home Décor Items

    Home Maintenance Maintains Laundry Service, Grocery Shopping, Cleaning and Décor

    Look Your Best In Comfortable New Clothing Personally Shopped For You

    Personalized Home Care

    Price of Service Includes Return Shipping, Tariffs, Duties and VAT.

    Laundry Homemaker Package For The Modern Home Order Online Today



    Our mission is to provide individuals and families with a platform that will empower them to have their laundry and homemaking done for them. All this with a company that values consistency and confidence.

    We get your home on the right path with laundry services wash, dry, and fold of 100 pounds per order. You may split that up as 75 pounds of machine washable laundry and 25 pounds of dry cleaning if you wish. We also ensure that your new clothing and décor is a comfortable refreshing experience for you. Get more freedom to enjoy your life with your loved ones. Order Laundry Homemaking today.

    Do Not Wait

    Any Longer To Sign Up

    All Of Your Home Needs In One Place

    Laundry Service and Homemaking Service That Make Life A Lot Less Tedious

    Our Core Values

    We Value Cleanliness.

    We Can Keep Things Confidential. We'll Keep Your Secrets.

    We Are Loyal.

    We Value Self Care. We Value Good Nutritious Food. We Value Quality.

    You DO NOT Have To Do This Alone...

    Laundry Service and Homemaking Service With Style, Class, Confidentiality, and Wisdom.

    Order Your Laundry Homemaking Package Today.

    Creative Production

    Receive in style trending items for your wardrobe, home and cleaning needs. Plus accept some new appliances and furniture items.

    Homemaking Optimization

    Laundry cleaning service is only half of the equation. We can help turn your personal style into an organized machine.

    Professional Laundry Service and Homemaking

    Manage your home with the best all-in-one laundry and homemaking service. Send us up to 100 pounds of laundry all at one time and it will be washed, dried, folded and shipped to your door anywhere in the world. Online dry cleaning service alternatively you may also send in 75 pounds of wash, dry fold laundry and 25 pounds of dry cleaning with your order. Specifically created for homeowners like you, this service gives you house cleaning done for you. Eliminate home maintenance hassles so you can spend more time on the things that matter.

    Personal Account Manager

    Every client receives a dedicated account manager whose sole goal is to deliver a fantastic home management experience. Best laundry in New York and best all-in-one service.

    One Price

    One price ensures everyone gets the same detail and quality in their order.

    No Long Term Contracts

    Forget nerve wracking long term contracts. Laundry Homemaker is here for you and your home each time, wherever you need us, wherever you are in the world. We will wash, dry,fold and ship up to 100 pounds of your laundry sent in at once and ship it right to your home.

    Pay For Your Order

    Pay for your order using a credit card or a debit card. You may also use bitcoin, or pay by check. Mail checks to: Laundry Homemaker LLC, 11 Greenwood Ave, Unit 252, East Islip, NY 11730. You may also pay by check online. Please do not send your laundry to this address.

    2-Step Onboarding

    Our hassle free 2-step onboarding process will have you ready to ship your laundry to us in less than two minutes. Simply download the ebook which contains the shipping information in it. Print out the ebook twice and attach one page on the inside of the box on top of your plastic bag with your laundry inside. Please ship 100 pounds of laundry to us broken up into five boxes so they are easier to handle. Simply attach the other page on the outside of your heavy duty shipping box and either cover with clear packing tape or have your shipper print a label with your address and our address. Please make sure you have paid all VAT and duties before you ship your items to us. Your laundry will be back at your doorstep in no time.